“Don’t think of cost. Think of value.”
– John Spence

A smart manager understands that cost of a product is not the same as the price the company will eventually pay for it. This is about understanding the fine line between quality and value offered vs. the money paid for it. At Source1 Purchasing we understand the difference between cost and price, therefore we offer more value to our customers for their money. We do this by offering the widest selection of contracts, direct manufacturer discounts, and rebates.

Based on our data insight into consumer trends and market news since 1997 we have observed that consumers nowadays have diverse dietary needs and demands unlike twenty years before. The Hospitality Industry now has to provide a wide array of food products and options for guests from varied backgrounds and with complex dietary needs.

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Catering to guests with special dietary needs such as gluten free, lactose intolerance, food allergies and other health conditions such as diabetes or heart condition can give any hospitality business a strong competitive advantage. Guests are willing to pay more because the value offered for the price of a special item on the menu is worth their good health and mental peace. Knowing that they are able to get the same diet when traveling and maintaining the quality of their life is priceless for most guests.

Source1 Purchasing can be your partner in procuring products that will add to the value proposition of your business. We provide quicker and easier access to information on new and special products to help you create new menus and stay up to date on trends that inspire innovative dishes and keep your guests coming back.

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