A restaurant’s virtual storefront is just as important as the actual storefront, where customers can interact and form a first impression. Customers visit your website to learn more about your business, including what’s available on your menu and where you are located – they may even be interested in placing an order online.

Providing your customers with the option to order online allows them to browse menu items, add them to the cart and see the total of the items they have ordered. They are also able to delete items, add sides, and try a new coupon offer. Online ordering is a perfect for having your customers explore your website and interact with your menu in a new way. Here are a few other benefits of online ordering:

Sell more.
It can be easy to forget to upsell when speaking to customers, but when a customer places an order online you will never have to worry about your online ordering system forgetting to up-sell top items on the menu.
By ordering online, customers have more time to look over the menu, increasing the chance of adding other items to their cart. Be sure to include appetizing pictures showcasing your menu items. Online ordering helps increase the average order size as opposed to orders that are called in.

Reduce order errors.
Online ordering is a necessity if you often find your staff struggling with language barriers. Avoid miscommunication with an easy-to-read menu online for your customers.
Boost sales.
Many restaurant websites are strictly used for information only, prompting the customer to drive to their establishment or pick up the phone to place an order. However, many customers would love the option to simply view an online menu and click to order. With online ordering, you are securing more orders and increasing sales through your website.

Improve efficiency. 
Not only are you reducing order errors by providing online ordering, but you’re also decreasing the amount of time spent on the phone. Ordering on the phone can take anywhere from 3-8 minutes, but the average online order takes about 30 seconds, which means you’re increasing efficiency and accuracy.

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