Source1 Purchasing is growing, and we’re taking you with us.

We’re joining forces with other leading Group Purchasing Organizations to form the Buyers Edge Platform. Now our purchasing power is even stronger, $17 Billion strong, making us part of the largest GPO serving the hospitality industry.

John Davie, CEO of Buyers Edge Platform, “A GPO brings down all that billions of dollars in buying power down to the smaller operator. It is just sort of that simple economics, the more you buy, the better price you get.” When we band together, our smaller operators can command better pricing and bigger rebates. John continued, “Now that we’ve reached a critical scale, we’re demanding some of the most aggressive deviated pricing in the industry.”

Source1 Purchasing stands behind you, the operator, so you can focus on delivering that exceptional customer experience. Scott Hoffmire, President of Source1 Purchasing added, “Being able to master your concept, perfect your services, and really deliver that value is important and you have to do it everyday.” With your valuable input, Source1 Purchasing gives you an organized system that saves you time and money. Scott continued, “Part of our work has been to help secure the repetition, the building of those specific experiences with good solid purchasing.”

As an operator, you have a lot of things to worry about: customers, employees and experience, but purchasing shouldn’t be one of them.

Join Source1 Purchasing and benefit from the Buyers Edge Platform.




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