Hospitality professionals know how important it is to keep up with the latest trends in travel and lodging. Understanding shifts in travel behaviors can help you better serve your guests and increase future bookings. Here are some emerging travel trends that all hoteliers should be aware of:

Multigenerational Travel

Hotels are seeing more guests traveling with their extended family. Not only are young millennial parents traveling with their small children, but they are also bringing along grandparents and, in some cases, great grandparents. The multigenerational travel trend is a great opportunity for hotels to fill more rooms. The key to attracting these larger groups is to create accommodations that allow each member of the group to have enough space to be comfortable, but also stay within close proximity to the rest of their group. Adjoining rooms are a popular solution, but there are other amenities hotels can have on hand to accommodate multigenerational travelers. Work with your trusted furniture supplier to source high-quality pull-out sofas for larger suites. Rollaway beds and cribs will also be in high demand for guests traveling with small children.

More Millennials are Making Reservations

When it comes to multigenerational groups, it’s not uncommon for the grandparents to be the ones covering the hotel bill. However, it is their millennial children who are doing most of the planning and booking. Even when they are not traveling with their children, parents of millennials will often look to them for help with choosing a hotel and making reservations. This is largely due to the increasing popularity of online booking systems. Millennials are savvy when it comes to researching hotels and finding the best deals online, so their parents trust them to make travel decisions for them.


More than ever, travelers are looking to partake in authentic local experiences when they travel. Today, travelers don’t want to spend as much of their free time checking out typical tourist attractions. Instead, they want to explore the parts of the city that the locals love. Hotels should work with their local activities partners to offer guests some unique local experiences. Is your town known for making great craft beer? Consider offering tickets for a local brewery tour. Your guests will appreciate you recommending activities that they might not otherwise have found themselves.

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