Many consumers are dining less and less at large chains and are instead opting to support independent local restaurants. Despite this shift, running a small restaurant comes with its own unique challenges. Keeping overhead at a manageable level can be difficult for these businesses. The unfortunate truth is that even the most popular restaurant in the neighborhood might still struggle to turn a profit. For that reason, signing with a purchasing partner might be a small restaurant’s best chance at success.

One area where many small restaurants struggle is sourcing inventory at reasonable prices. Because they are not able to make high-volume purchases, independent restaurants often end up paying a premium for their food and other hospitality supplies. Partnering with a Purchasing Services Organization (PSO) can help independent restaurants compete with larger chains in this area. Source1 Purchasing specializes negotiating the best pricing for restaurants, regardless of their size. By joining our purchasing group, a restaurant benefits from the combined buying power of every business in the group.

Often in small restaurants, staff members are required to wear many hats. Chefs often have to serve as purchasing managers. The time a chef spends managing suppliers would be better served managing their kitchen. Utilizing a purchasing partner is like adding an entire supply chain management team to your staff. Source1 Purchasing not only monitors and negotiates supplier pricing but can manage supplier service and quality standards as well. This frees up chefs and other key staff members to focus on creating a memorable dining experience for their customers.

Although independent restaurants may not have the same buying power as large chains, that does not mean they should settle for sub-par service. Aligning with a purchasing partner gives independent restaurants the same clout as their larger counterparts. As a member of a buying group, a business can count on receiving priority service from all their suppliers. Source1 Purchasing conducts thorough supplier evaluations to ensure that all suppliers provide consistent, reliable service.

Is your restaurant ready to benefit from the collective buying power and quality of service that comes with joining a PSO? Take the next steps towards a more stable supply chain and cost-effective purchasing. Contact Source1 Purchasing for a free supply chain analysis today. We are typically able to identify savings of 9% on your food and beverage products.

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