When it comes to food trends, staying just ahead of the curve and providing guests with a new experience will help position you as an expert. With this in mind, operators are incorporating winning trends such asSformato into their menus.

Tough to say, but easy on the palate, the egg-based Italian dish Sformato can be served as an appetizer or side dish, usually highlighting a variety of cheeses and fresh vegetables including spinach, cauliflower and even Kale.

Sformato stays true to its namesake, which translates literally to “unmolded,” and can even do double-duty as a dessert, somewhere between custard and a soufflé, when sweet fruits or chocolates are included.

Whether sweet or savory, Sformato has been described anywhere from a crustless quiche to “frittata-like” and while tough to describe exactly, is very light and delicate in texture.

Top chefs such as Mario Batali have included Sformato as part of his culinary repertoire and San Francisco Weekly calls it the Best Trendy Dish.  trend

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What it is:

An egg-based dish traditionally cooked in a form and served unmolded onto a plate.

Why it matters:

Sformato is an Italian dish that’s described as lighter than a custard but not as airy as a soufflé. Sformato is typically prepared by mixing pureed fresh vegetables with egg custard or bechamel sauce. It often includes cheese and a vegetable such as asparagus or spinach, and can be found menued as a light appetizer or side dish. The word sformato translates to “unmolded,” and at its most traditional, sformato is a savory creation baked in ramekins and served unmolded onto a plate. More broadly, operators have also used sformato to describe custard-based desserts that are similarly served. Chocolate sformato is popular and is similar to panna cotta – but unlike panna cotta, sformato does not contain gelatin and is always baked (panna cotta often sets in a refrigerator).

Cotogna | San Francisco, CA
With Raschera cheese fonduta.——————————————————————-
Union Square Café | New York, NY
Tuscan kale, roasted peppers, parmigiano.——————————————————————-
Nana | Chicago, IL
Whipped cream, fresh basil.
Modo Mio | Philadelphia, PA
SFORMATO ($8.00)
Crab and ricotta cake, roasted red pepper, pecorino guazzetto.
Formento’s | Chicago, IL
Arugula, giardiniera, potato sformato.——————————————————————-
Scampo | Boston, MA
Chantenay carrot sformato and snap peas.



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