Fresh Ingredients
If you are a food service operator, purchasing the right ingredients at the right time is an ongoing challenge. External factors, such as weather (including the multi-year drought in California that was followed by unseasonable rain), pandemics, economic conditions, etc., can all impact commodity prices, while at the same time, a young generation of consumers have fresh preferences. These consumers are:

  • demanding fresh, antibiotic-free and overall “clean” ingredients in their food
  • following food trends e.g., the recent American craze for kale, Brussels sprouts and avocados, etc.
  • insisting that food products, such as seafood, are certified as sustainably and responsibly sourced.
  • are advocating and supporting regional suppliers and farmers.

This combination of unpredictable external factors and evolving customer demands are creating problems for hospitality professionals. Food service operators need to stay aware of consumer preferences and try to source the trending and popular ingredients from local suppliers, all while managing their food budgets in a volatile market with ever-changing commodity prices.

A Fresh Take on Purchasing
At Source1 Purchasing, we have long-term strategic partnerships with suppliers. Since we work with them directly, and have first-hand knowledge of price fluctuations, we provide our clients with price projections for future costs of ingredients and local and regional sources of the specific ingredients our clients demand. We also present alternative products and suppliers. This is a smart strategy for identifying the lowest cost of ingredients but also beneficial because operators that rely on a single producer for each item could find themselves seriously crippled by unforeseen circumstances.

The Source1 Purchasing Solution
You’ll rapidly connect to suppliers to procure the fresh ingredients your customers demand, regardless of environmental and other external influences. You will:

  • compare food and beverage products including 750+ manufacturer brands.
  • find the best product options to match your quality and cost goals.
  • improve your access to “clean” ingredients.
  • gain insights from our team of experienced procurement professionals.
  • save money through pre-negotiated pricing applied to thousands of products.

Best of all, you’ll avoid up-front costs, ongoing fees, compliance minimums and long-term contracts.

Take your next step toward greater profit with the Source1 Purchasing Solution.
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