Food and beverage trends in the hospitality industry have remained mostly unchanged for many years. However, recent shifts in consumer habits have caused hotels to re-think their food and beverage programs. Many hoteliers are making a big push to accommodate consumers’ growing appetite for healthier, convenient food choices. As a result, some classic hotel F&B systems are either being scaled down or phased out completely. While adjusting to these changing trends may require some initial investment on the part of hotels, overall, they are paving the way for a potential increase in profits.


One major casualty of changing F&B trends is the hotel minibar. What once served as a healthy revenue stream for hotels has fallen out of favor with many hotel customers. Millennials are largely responsible for the minibar’s decline in popularity. While this demographic does enjoy convenience, they are also budget conscious and unwilling to pay premium pricing for common items they can find cheaper elsewhere. So how do hotels cater to guests’ desire for convenience and value at the same time? By offering premium convenience items that are more likely to entice guests to open their wallets.


Healthy grab-and-go items is the fastest growing food trend in the hotel industry and has tremendous potential for growth in the coming years. Items like yogurt parfaits, green juices, and gourmet box lunches appeal to guests who are on the go. What’s more, these items sell at a much higher price point than traditional concessions like candy bars or chips. Stocking the right convenience items will encourage guests to spend more money in their hotel that they might otherwise spend elsewhere. Guests often cite food options as one of the most important amenities they consider when choosing to book a hotel.

Unique Dining Experiences

Chain restaurants have long been common fixtures in hotels, however, they too are losing traction with hotel customers. Both business and leisure travelers now prefer dining experiences that feel more “local.” To entice guests to take advantage of an on-site restaurant, hotels will have to commit to creating menus that are built around sustainable, seasonal ingredients wherever possible. Guests want dining experiences that are unique and authentic to the city they’re visiting.

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